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Studio Policy


General Studio Policies

The dance season is divided into 3 Terms:

Term 1: September 11, 2017, to December 3, 2017

Term 2:  December 4, 2017, to March 25, 2018

Term 3: March 26, 2018, to June 17, 2018

Registration Fee

Registration fee is $25 per student, $15 per sibling payable at the time of registration. A registration is not considered complete until all post-dated cheques for the entire year are submitted. We are located in Thornhill, Richmond Hill area.

Tuition Payment Schedule 

1) First Term – September 3, 2017

2) Second Term – December 3, 2017

3) Third Term – March 20, 2018

Method of Payment

Allegro accepts cheques made out to “Allegro Dance School”.  Interac is also accepted for dance fees and dance wear purchases. There is a 2% service fee for Visa/MasterCard payments. A registration is not considered complete until all post-dated cheques are submitted for the dance season.

Withdrawals and Refunds

  • To withdraw from a dance class, please bring your receipt and submit it before the 4th week of the term to receive a refund of 50% of the Term Payment.
  • Registration fee is not refundable.
  • Tuition fees are fully non-refundable for withdrawals after deposit and the 4th week of the Term.
  • All costume and recital cheque after deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • There will be a $25 late charge for ALL outstanding fees and management fee for refund.
  • No refund for all special discounts or promotional offers.

Administration fees and late payments

An administration fee of $25 will be charged to all NSF cheques. An administration fee of $25 will be charged to late payments and refunds. Post-dated cheques are suggested to avoid any additional charges.

Recital & Costumes

1) Allegro Dance School’s year-end recital is scheduled for June 2018, at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. We encourage all dancers to participate in this spectacular show.

2) A minimum of ONE dance number will be performed for each class that the child is enrolled in. Tickets for the recital can be purchased in April at ALLEGRO. All ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. More information regarding the recital will be available in the new season.

3) Professionally-made costumes are ordered for all students. Costumes will be worn on picture day and recital. All dancers will be required to pay a minimum costume deposit fee of $130 per class. First payment is due at the time of registration. If it is a rental, the cost is $55 per costume.

Winter Showcase

Our all style Winter Performance is scheduled on December 10, 2017, at the Fairview Library Theatre. Besides traditional Ballet, students will perform Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre and Acrobatic. Tickets for the show will be available to purchase at ALLEGRO in November. All tickets are final sale, no refunds or exchanges allowed. You may check the details with our office.

Picture Day

You may order the picture package with us. Package included pictures at the studio and live performance pictures in a DVD.

Professional pictures of each group will be taken in full costume in June.

Competitive Dance Team

Please refer to the 2017–2018 Competitive Dance Team booklet for all team information. Please contact ALLEGRO for more information or to make an appointment for an assessment.

Studio Dress Code

We have a dress code in place to help students with a positive body image and to allow the teacher to correct alignment and technique.

Hair must be tied back securely and no jewelry is allowed. Ballet students must secure their hair in a bun with pins & hairnet.

Please refer to Dress Code below for suitable attire for each class. Dance outfits could be purchased at our office.

Pre-Dance to Primary Ballet Pink ballet slippers, pink bodysuit & pink skirt. Pink tights is required.

Grade Ballet & Vocational Ballet Pink ballet slippers, black bodysuit & pink tights. Character shoes and skirts from Grade one to Grade Eight. Vocational dancers will need to purchase pointe shoes when required.

Jazz & Musical Theatre Black jazz shoes, black bodysuit & beige tights

Tap Black jazz shoes, beige tap shoes (check with teachers0; black bodysuit & beige tights

Acro Bare feet, black bodysuit, footless or convertible beige tights

Hip Hop Clean indoor running shoes, T shirts & pants

Competitive Team Black bodysuit, beige convertible tights are required for competitive dancers. Please check with the office about the color & style of the dance shoes.

An ALLEGRO jacket is required for the competitive team to wear at all dance competitions.

Class Cancellation

Allegro Dance School reserves the right to cancel any class temporarily or permanently due to emergency, weather conditions, or low enrollment. In the case of a snow storm, please call the studio after 3:30 pm for a recording on whether classes will be held.

The notice will also be posted on the website (www.allegrodanceschool.com) after 3:30 pm. Parents will not receive a phone call.

Allegro Dance School has the right to cancel or amalgamate classes with less than five (5) students enrolled.

Please ensure that you have provided a valid email address in order to keep up with communication.

Missed Classes:

Everybody misses classes for one reason or another but it is important that you attend your regularly scheduled class. If you do miss a class we can offer you an alternative within 2 weeks if available. There is no make-up classes for competitive program.

There are no refunds for missed classes.

From February onward each class will be working on a specific routine and therefore no make-up classes after February. The work that you are doing in your own class is very important and your attendance is essential.


Attendance is taken at each class and a recognition award is given for perfect attendance at the end of the year. Good attendance is imperative; please make every effort to have your child attend every class.

*It is not the responsibility of Allegro staff to supervise your child. Please pick up your child promptly after his or her dance class.

Bring A Friend Week

During the month of September, dancers can bring a friend to class to join in or observe. Both dancer and friend will receive a $50 coupon for Allegro Dance expenses upon registration for the year.

Parent Observation Days

Parents are invited to observe their child’s dance class(es) at the end of November. The dates of the open house will be posted on the ALLEGRO website in the fall.

Receiving Important Information

ALLEGRO notice will be emailed to each family periodically throughout the year. If your email address or phone number changes during the year, please inform the office to ensure you receive all of the studio information. ALLEGRO notice contain valuable information about upcoming events and activities at the studio.

Private Lessons

Allegro offers a variety of private and semi-private lessons for all levels and all ages at no registration fee.

Private lessons could be rescheduled with no penalty if the office is informed 24 hours before the class.