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Allegro Dance School offers recreational, competitive and examination classes with an excellent early years program designed specially for young learners in Thornhill and Richmond Hill area. Classes are held weekly with most running from September to June. Allegro also offers March Break Camp and Summer Dance Camp in Richmond Hill and Thornhill.

Recreational Program
Recreational classes are offered in every discipline and are open to everyone. These classes are loads of fun, and very balanced. Classes offer a good mix of strict syllabus based technique and lively group choreography. All full-term recreational classes participate in the year end recitals with costumes. Taking a single recreational class or combining several allows students to build the program they want, giving them the ability to try out new things and continue with what they already know they love.

Competitive Program
Allegro Dance Competive Team is an incredible way for dancers to experience dance and skill development at a very challenging level. Being on a competitive team drives personal achievement, perseverance and builds a strong sense of belonging.Lear More >>

Examination Dance Classes
Allegro Dance School offers Exam Syllabus classes with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) based in London, England. Upon successful completion of a dance exam, candidates are rewarded with an official dance certificate from the RAD recognizing the grade and discipline passed. Exams are adjudicated by an International Examiner and are generally held in the spring & summer of the year.Lear More >>

Allegro Dance Company
Allegro Dance Company (ADC) is a ballet & modern dance repertory company. We are proud of its ability to recognize potential and inspire creativity in Thornhill and Richmond Hill