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Competitive Program

Join Our Award Winning Competitive Team

Competitive Program

Dancers that register for Competitive Program will train in Jazz, Tap and Acro. The competitive program will only compete at local competitions

If you are register for our Competitive Program, this is what to expect:

  • Dancing 2 days per week for a total of minimum 4.5 hours. Dancers will dance in companies according to age.
  • Ballet is extra and mandatory.
  • Attendance is mandatory for competitions, summer workshop, and shows.
  • 3 Mandatory Local Competitions in March, April & May
  • 2 Mandatory competitive rountine
  • Entry fees for competitions are extra
  • Costume deposits is due by November 1st, and is 100% non refundable. Costumes cost are approximately $180.00 each plus tax.
  • All Dancers will require Allegro jackets and uniform

**Competitive class fee separate from our regular program

Competition Letter 2015-16