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Dance Classes runs from September to June. The Dance Season is divided into 4 terms:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

September to November

November to January

February to March

April to June


5 Post-dated cheques are required upon registration.  Allegro Dance School accepts cash, debit, cheques and e-transfers. A registration is not considered complete until all post-dated cheques are submitted for the entire dance season. All payments should be made to: ALLEGRO DANCE SCHOOL. Pay-by-term option is available for an administrative fee of $15 per term.

Cheque 1: Term 1 Fees + Registration Fee

Cheque 2: Term 2 Fees 

Cheque 3: Term 3 Fees 

Cheque 4: Term 4 Fees 

Cheque 5: Costume Rental Security Deposit


A non-refundable, annual $30 registration fee will be applied per student (or $50 per family) at the time of registration. This fee goes towards administration, insurance, and licensing fees.


  • A $30 fee is charged on all NSF and returned cheques.

  • A late fee of $30 is charged on all outstanding tuition fees. Payment is considered late after the first class of the term. Dance fees must be paid in full by the due dates in order to attend class.

  • An administration fee of $15 per term will apply to separate payments made after initial registration. To avoid any additional charges, please provide Allegro Dance School with post-dated cheques at the time of registration.

  • An administration fee of $30 will apply to all withdrawal or refund.


Allegro Dance School has a no refund policy for missed classes throughout the term. Students may do up to TWO "makeup" lessons per term in other classes for their age group. Tuition cannot be “PAUSED” for extended absences.  Students can make up classes before and after an extended absence. Please see the front desk for appropriate make up classes for your dancer. There are no make-up classes after April 1st.

*Please note that the availability of "makeup" lessons are dependent on class availability and must be taken in the term that classes were missed.


Allegro Dance School reserves the right to cancel or amalgamate any classes temporarily or permanently due to emergency, weather conditions or enrollment less than five (5) students. In case of bad weather, please call the studio to confirm if classes will be held. The notice will also be posted on the website and our Facebook page. Parents will not receive a phone call. Please ensure you have provided a valid email address in order to keep up with communication.


  • All fees (exam fee, costume fee, recital fee, photo fee) are non-refundable and non-transferable after deposit.

  • An administrative fee of $30 will applied to any withdrawal or refund.

  • To withdraw prior to the start of a term; please bring your receipt, and make your request in writing via email 2 weeks prior to the intended date of withdrawal. Once your request and an administrative fee is submitted, all remaining postdated cheques will be returned to you.

  • If withdrawing part-way through the term, any term fees that have been paid will not be refunded. There are no exception to this policy.

  • No refund for registrations made with special discounts or promotional offers (including, but not limited to, early bird discount, coupon discount, sibling and group discount).


We have two performances throughout the year, December and June. The performance consists of short dances choreographed from steps that the students have worked on throughout the terms. This a great chance for students to showcase their hardwork, and it is a rewarding and confidence building experience.


For the safety of our students, and to minimize distractions for both our instructors and students, parents viewing is not permitted from week to week. We will share videos from classes regularly throughout the term for your friends and family to enjoy. 

For younger dancers starting their first dance class, we understand that the experience might be overwhelming. Where possible, we encourage children to participate themselves, however, if necessary parents are invited into the classroom on their first lesson to participate in the class with their child. We will share short videos and photographs with parents throughout the terms to show their achievements.


Students may be dropped off at the studio no more than 5 minutes prior to start of class. We encourage all dancers to get dressed in their dance attire prior to arriving to the studio. So they are focused and ready to dance when they step into the studio. Please be sure to pick up your child promptly after class. Our staff members are not responsible for your child after class. In the event that you are running late, please be sure to call to notify us prior to the end of class. If a parent is not here within 5 minutes of the end of class, after the last class of the night, you will be charged $5 and $1 per minute thereafter to pay for staff member to stay and supervise your child.


Our lobby area has limited space, it is reserved for those with inquires and for students to prepare for class. We encourage parents to use their child’s class time as free time. For parents with young dancers who prefer to stay in the premise, you may wait inside your car at the parking lot. Should your child needs you or if there is an emergency, we will contact you by phone with the phone number you've provided on file.

For safety reasons, changeroom area (including the hallway) is reserved for students only. Parents are not permitted. For dancers who required assistance putting on their dance uniform, we encourage you to change at home prior to arriving at the studio.


The studio offers full time reception staff during operating hours. Our receptionist will be happy to answer your calls and questions! General enquiries are to be made with the receptionist. If you need to contact your child's instructor, you are welcome to email any questions or concerns to, we will then forward it to the appropriate teacher or directors. From this point, we can answer your questions via email or arrange a phone call/meeting.

Do you have questions regarding classes or registration? Contact us today.

We would be happy to assist you with the registration process. 

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