Allegro Dance School offers classes for adult dancers who are looking to experience dance training, stay in shape and have fun! Our classes are run in sessions, for multiple weeks and provide cumulative training — they are great for both beginners and dancers who've had dance experiences. 

Coming Soon! CARDIO DANCE (All Levels)

Get your cardio in while having fun! Learn a dance combo in an easy to follow format that keeps you moving for 45min. Moves are broken down and put together all to a running mix of high energy pop tunes!

Level & Experience

Beginner: These classes are suitable for dancers with little or no experiences.

Advanced Beginner: These classes are designed for dancers with basic knowledge of the genre they are enrolled in. Most  students will have at least one year of experience of dance training. 

Intermediate & Advanced: These classes are ideal for students with three to four years of recent training respectively. Advanced students are often pre-professional or professional dancers.

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