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Dress Code

ALL dancers are required to follow Allegro Dance School dress code. Please purchase all uniform at the office. We are located at Thornhill, Richmond Hill. STUDENTS NOT DRESSED APPROPRIATELY WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO CLASS.

0052_PL1_9862_副本Dance Wear (Purchase at our office)

Pre-Dance, Pre-primary Ballet & Primary Ballet- Pink bodysuit, pink tights, pink chiffon skirt, pink body wrap (winter)
Grade 1 – 8 Ballet – Black tank bodysuit, pink tights, Character skirt, long chiffon skirt for Gr6 to Gr8
Tap – Black bodysuit, beige tights
Acro – Black bodysuit, beige tights
Jazz – Black bodysuit, beige tights
Hip Hop – T-shirt, sweat pants, NO jeans
Boys Ballet – White top, black tights, white socks
Boys Jazz/Tap/Acro – White/Black fitted top, black pants, black socks




Must be tied back in a neat, secure ponytail. Ballet and Competitive Classes: Secure ballet bun.

Foot Wear0082_PL1_9971_副本

Pre-Dance & Pre-primary Ballet & Primary Ballet – Sansha leather full sole pink ballet slippers
Grade 1 – 8 Ballet – Sansha leather full sole pink ballet slippers & black character shoes.
Tap – Beige tap shoes.
Acro – Barefoot.
Jazz – Sansha Leather Split-sole, Slip-on shoe with side ankle elastics.
Hip Hop – INDOOR running shoes. No outdoor shoes allowed in the studio.
Boys Ballet – Leather Full Sole Ballet Slippers in White or Black.