8403 Yonge St. Suite #201, Thornhill, Richmond Hill,On

Teens & Adult Classes

Allegro offers a variety of dance and fitness classes for Teen & Adults 13 years of age and over. Our unique Teen & Adult Classes are designed to help to reach their dance skills and fitness goals in a fun and flexible atmosphere in Thornhill and Richmond Hill.

All adult classes are open to the public; the atmosphere is fun, relaxed, and friendly and pays no registration fees!

Classes Offered

Whether you are a complete beginner, or have done a bit of ballet before, this class suits all. It covers all the basics and is a fantastic way to tone up legs and bums, strengthen your centre and improve flexibility.

This energetic class works to improve technique, stamina, and flexibility. Every style of jazz is incorporated from contemporary to funk.

Tap concentrates on intricate foot work being practiced for clarity and speed. Tap is a percussive form of dance with lively rhythmic tapping.

Hip Hop
This high energy class not only improves physical fitness, but rhythm as well. Dance to the latest music and learn all the moves inspired by today’s music videos!